Challenge #02727-G170: Doing What You Can

The human was not the ship's human. They were a passenger. They were also paralyzed from the waist down. When she ship crashed, when the human's movement assistive device was rendered inoperable, when the human found themself trapped in the wreckage with half a dozen fellow passengers, all either injured or too distressed to move... Well. A sufficiently determined human with two working limbs, several cases of dental floss, a non-operative movement assistive device, and six people to still going to need medical assistance after dragging everyone else to safety with a makeshift sledge and harness. -- Anon Guest

"The world is made for legs, so I have a neuro-linked exo to make my legs work until I get a nerve patch. They're still trying to find a compatible syntho suite for me, since I was born like this. Fun times." If there was a further part of the conversation, Lil didn't remember it. Trauma interrupts the process of making permanent memories. Lil couldn't remember if ze had said the part about thanking the Powers that multi-species spaces were easier to navigate than the ones made for Just Humans.

Ze probably had. It was hir favourite bitch session. This world, surrounded in patches of fire and smelling of ozone, was not made for legs. It was not made for any mobility. It was an accident site. Worse, hir exo pants had suffered a fatal error and shut down. Lil disconnected and dragged hirself out of them.

Pros and Cons. Pro: The exo bracers spared me from broken legs. Con: My legs were non-functional anyway. Pro: There is no problem so big it can't at least be helped by a little ductape and a lot of ingenuity. Con: I have dental floss. Lil took a deep breath, coughing at the smoke. "Okay," ze told hirself. "Let's get to it. Resident Deathworlder saves the day, blah blah blah."

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