Shenanigans Ahoy!

School holidays have begun once more and I now have very little structure in my days. Woot? I dunno. Beloved has purchased for me a digital box set of Star Control [I, II, III, and Origins] and I want to know the proper order to play the same before I get going. I may or may not stream it. I dunno.


Mayhem has A Thing in which he shall eventually acquire a paying job, today. Here's hoping it plays through after the "soft firing" he got from Maccas.

For those not in the know - he's still technically a casual worker for Maccas, they just haven't scheduled him for any shifts since five-ever ago. Every month so far has been a long year and this year has been a long century. Not having work during all of this SUCKS.

Once again, I have been bitten on the arse by a fresh new idea and, thanks to the different scenarios merging into the same start, it's now a CYOA [for those not up on acronyms, that's Choose Your Own Adventure].

Yes, I shall be posting completed portions on my Patreon. I have no idea what to do with these Tief stories once they're done, but I keep writing them, halp!


In the news:

  • The Muppet actually withdrew a statement of support for "white power" from Twitter. Either that or one of his assistants did
  • Parents in Victoria are refusing to get their kids tested because of how painful it is. Where the fuck are all those tests where you just spit on the thing?
  • Victoria starts "This is not a second wave" chant
  • South Korea may or may not be experiencing a second wave
  • ScoMo is being urged to extend JobKeeper, but the price tag is pretty far up there. It'd be so much easier to have a budget if you taxed RICH PEOPLE, Scotty...

It's 7AM and I need coffee. Story soon.