Disorganised today, dat-organised tomorrow.

And today was super-duper disorganised.


  • I didn't wanna get out of bed
  • Beloved needed me to track my food again
  • Which involved faffing about with a new app
  • Which made us late getting Mayhem to school
  • Chaos decided that she was "too tired" to be ready on time

And everything else has been a royal kerfluffle ever since.

I am tracking my macros, now, so that's a thing. And we'll likely find out that I'm nowhere near having enough fat in my diet. And our next trick will be figuring out how to shoehorn that biz in. Without maxing out the carbs or the protein in the process.

I'm still betting that I'm not having enough calories in my day.

Chaos has run out of Cauli Cakes, so that has to be part of our PLN tonight. Good thing I pretty much plan to always have a cauliflower or two in the crisper box, or we'd be stuffed.

Plus we have PLNs to make Macadamia bread, which involves an ingredients chase and I have $10 free for this week.



And I figured out that I have 1/4 of the money I should need for the new lappy. Which is all in limbo until the whims of the market decree that I have spondooly.

This is not a good week for me.