Saturday, Parkrun and Further PLNs

More of the usual offerings, more of the usual work. Next parkrun, I am going to set my pace and let Miss Chaos try to keep up. She's due.

Little fink was running past me every chance she got. So next week, I see what she can really do. Mua-hahaha.

I'm almost finished doing the chapter summary of Beauties and the Beastly, which means that I'm going to be working on the 2K, 1K, and 500-word summaries thereafter.


I'm going to skip Rael because it does need a rewrite. Which I will be doing when the Kosh/Astarion brain worms wear off.

...yes, I am working on two fanfics at once. Yes I know this is a bad habit. And no, I can't stop. It's a whole thing.

I'll recover my usual equilibrium in time.