Challenge #03932-J280: A Drop in the Bucket

I'm violent, but I don't kill. I'm Pax Humanis, but I've never taken a life. My job is different. I'm a teacher. My methods are brutal, I've brought more than one of MY type of... student to the brink of death, but never killed them. They eventually learn though. It's an ugly job, but these b--rds need to learn, humans are NOT property, and are NOT to be treated as disposable. -- Anon Guest

So many think that Pax Humanis wades in blood. I do that too, but I don't enforce things to the death. They can't learn if they die. If I want them to learn, they have to survive the process.

I am a teacher, and one of the lessons I teach is that there are things that are far worse than merely dying.

Dying is too easy. Living is difficult. I can make it even more difficult for them. So difficult that they beg for death. The body is a canvas, and my brushes include blood, scars, and bruises. But there's more torments than merely brutalising a human body.

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