Saturday (Day Zero)

Two new cases linked to previous ones and already in quarantine. Nine days -thereabouts- until the Brisbane protests blow up on us. It'll be battening down the hatches for sure when and if that happens.


  • China escalates their war footing with India
  • Some dudebro used the Covid-19 app to text a girl. The only way this could have been worse was if he opened with a dick pic
  • Quarantine clusterfucks continue as one family is living in an airport in some kind of limbo
  • TikTok suicide video now impossible to stop as the mods were asleep too long
  • Lithium resources in Australia could be boosted by transferring coal jobs to lithium mining, thus boosting the electric revolution. Counting down to government doubling down on coal in three... two...
  • Woolies warns of Christmas shortages because the supply chain between here and everywhere is still broken, BUT, thanks to the Karen Squad, Christmas is likely to be cancelled anyway. Thanks, Karen

Grumblegrump. I'm watching MeMum going in ever-decreasing circles in a spiral that may not be stopped because she's phobic regarding most of the things that can help her. Connectivity is going digital and getting some people there is going to be a huge battle.

If 90-year-old grandmothers can twitch game with 12YO's then MeMum can learn the art of video chatting over Discord.

...gonna have to get me a cam for my main game compy because that's the only one that can handle anything strenuous right now. My Discord lives there. All so MeMum can see my pasty saggy fiz. Whee.

I can at least get her playing Minecraft on Creative Mode. That's mondo easy for newbies to the gaming sphere. WASD, left click, right click, and then the scroll wheel. Not hard. Presumably. I expect panic. Even though there are zero consequences in creative Minecraft.

I also expect panic like five minutes after MeMum reads this blog entry. Deep breaths, Mum. You're going to be okay. It'll be fine. Learning how to internet is an important skill these days.

Onwards to the story. Then onwards to alien worlds and weirdness. At least when Beloved starts our world up again. In the meantime, I have Terrible Tiefling tales and electronic socialisation to occupy my brain.