Challenge #02803-G246: TFW Memed in Combat

here, have a rick roll -- Anon Guest

[AN: Link does not lead to a Rickroll but rather a six-second anime clip featuring someone's mondo BFG power attack]

Human Memetic attacks are something to watch. Preferably from a safe distance. Everyone knows the one about the attacking fleet that was brought to a standstill by the power of a Rickroll virus[1]. Thusly, they have learned to feat the threat of bringing Humans into any war.

Those gung-ho balding apes will try anything to win and then laugh. Memetic attacks are -at least to the Humans- only used when a no-kill situation arises. There's so many Memetic attacks, at varying levels of annoyance. Only Humans could invent the Rickroll. Only Humans could then create the anti-Rickroll. The memetic attack that promises one and then delivers another.

It's bad enough to be exposed to pre-shattering pop from the decade even the Humans labelled as the one without taste. It's worse to brace for the pop and then get whatever else the Humans responsible thought was funny at the time.

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