Sunday (Day Zero once more)

Three new cases all related to known ones. Eight days left for the Brisbane protests to blow up like the ones in Melbourne did. The only hope is that none of those anti-lockdown protestors had been anywhere near a contact site. Especially since a lot of them are hoaxers and therefore would not have been checking where they've been and when.


It was a long stream this morning, but I got another story segment finished in one of my Terrible Tiefling Tales and now I'm using one to briefly torture a complete arsehole with a running gag because that's how I'm rolling today.

I also plan to do more exploring of our Satisfactory world because that was enormous fun. Maybe even work out how to make sure we have supplies of stuff to make sure everything is cool before we hare off into dangerous areas just for the funzies.

In the news:

  • Muppet's lies might actually make him suffer consequences but it's not likely. The sunk cost fallacy is real and working its magic for the idiot in chief
  • US university students who all tested positive with the plague threw a party. Six of them were fined
  • Lois fucking Vitton released a fashionable facemask that is, according to the pic I've seen, functionally useless

Story time. Yes.