Saturday, Day Zero, Nonsense

Three new cases, but the total is down to eleven and all cases are from overseas. There's outbreaks in Sydney and once again the Queensland borders are closed.


I'm picking MeMum up on Yulemas Eve. A day that shall also include some tech support nonsense to help with apps and other malarky. Everyone wants everyone to use the app these days and MeMum is an old-school luddite who has only just recently got used to googling stuff.

Sorry, Mum, but it's true.

These things happen to people born into the era before television. Be kind out there, folks. Enjoy the chance to educate and flex at the same time.

I'm still horking up chunks, but the good news is that they're clear of concerning chroma. No need for antibiotics. Yay.

Muppet's pulling his legal losing shenanigans again. This time plotting to move into Mar-a-lago despite judges in the past saying he can't live there full-time because he turned it into a resort. Clearly, this is an alleged man who thinks the rules do not apply to him.

I'm especially fond of the dude who claims that the Muppet taking residence in Mar-a-lago will tank their property values.

I'm writing today's tale and having some carbs and getting an early night because tomorrow, there is stream. At the end of the stream, I also collect some delivered groceries that are mostly Crimbolio related. Lots of nibbles for the party.

We always do too much food on Christmas.

Tell you one thing for free - bugger the Woolies Lobster. You can only get it in the shop itself. Can't order any in advance or anything. It's like they want people having a stouche over some otherwise overpriced shellfish. Fuck 'em. Not playing.

Let's do some fiction.

ADDENDUM: When ordering the Christmas Cake, I nearly got this thing for prank potential, but Beloved is ever my voice of sanity. I love that they are such. They love that I need one :D