Saturday - Day Zero

Two new cases in quarantine, and that's twice as much as yesterday and now I am having a concern. One arsehole... The more cases there are, the more potential there is for a Karen to arise and cause a massive outbreak because restrictions are easing. Ugh.

We almost got there. We almost had freedom within our grasp. We almost had a completely clean Queensland... and then some fuckers had to think they were above the rules. Repeatedly. ARGH.

I'm getting back into the swing of writing, but not enough to get back onto my pre-plague schedule. In the mornings, Monday to Friday, I knock out 200 to 300 words in KOSBOB before enthusiasm and creativity come to a halt. In the afternoons, I have been working on one of my Terrible Tiefling Tales. I'm going to publish those fuckers on Tumblr because I think they belong there. Maybe if I ever finish Lust of the Demon Lord it can go on my Wordpress when I have nothing better to say. Powers know it goes on a bit.

There's slow burn and then there's smouldering at half the speed of your average incense. Then there's whatever the flakk I'm doing in Lust of the Demon Lord. And oh shit, I owe the readers who plough through all of that some goddamn mind-blowing frikfrak when I finally get there.

Whoops. Let's look at the headlines.

  • A terrorist in Paris beheaded a teacher after the teacher showed the kids a cartoon about the Prophet Mohammed
  • Not one, but TWO attacks on how women dress above the fold. One about the new PM of Finland and another about a lady being thrown out of a gym because of her short shorts. People need to get a grip
  • Muppet shares literal fake news as he falls for a parody article and shares it like it's real
  • Real estate moguls are now recommending you buy yourself a brothel as a recipe for mondo ROI
  • Baby miraculously survived a plane crash
  • NBN victim to massive complaints as lockdowns have the nation surfing the interwebs more
  • NZ tells Australia to mind its own business after Aussie pundits slammed their PM for... ohyeah, being sensible about the firkin PLAGUE

In personal news, I have a scheduled duck march early next week. I also have to skip out on Toasty's stream tomorrow because I'm driving and doing shenanigans with real people. Fun.

Oh, the deprivation 9_9

Anyway, the usual Saturday PLN of carbs and BS are underway. Starting... NOW.