Saturday, Day 1, Programming Tears Ahoy

Plague news: ZERO firkin new cases! Hooray! Just wait 20 days though... Fifteen active cases, eleven in hospital.

Today, I work a BUNCH on the app in progress. There will be tears. BUT I also have a hellacious amount of carbs to soothe my soul.

I... may... have already snacked myself sick in anticipation.

In the news:

  • A star I have literally never heard of before suffers the heartbreak of finding his wife's body, poor sod
  • Muppet confirms that yes, he is still in Vladimir Putin's pocket
  • Canny teen frames an old Woolies plastic bag and sells it for $300
  • Netflix series Lupin is addictive, but is it good?
  • Police officer gets stabbed before the cops opened fire on the alleged attacker and so far nobody has died. Take notes, USA
  • Same fuckwit who shot a NSW grandma has now shot another person who answered their door. Somebody catch this git
  • Plague-infected crimmo breaks into home with mother and two kids inside. What the actual shit. I know Knomiras take things to extremes, but... cheezum crow...
  • UK healthcare assistant steals dead patient's credit card to buy crisps from the vendomat. Classy
  • Tasty Toobs make a comeback and this is a big deal? We've always had Cheezles
  • Pictures of snow in Australia! Yaaaayyy

Let's get on with fiction. I know I'm good at that.