Challenge #03075-H152: Life Unlike Your Own

Edda Nebulae tries to chase down Healer Allie and had confronted her trying to get her to work only for Mx Nebulae alone. Now that the person has learned Allie's demand, in order to get better access to her healing ability, Edda decides to try to do what Allie has demanded and finds just how rewarding such actions can be. -- Anon Guest

At first, ze was offended by Allie's hubris. How dare that little junk doctor living in filth and feculence tell them what to do? Following outrage, came thought. Allie would not be moved by rage. She would not be moved by inconvenience. She would not be bought out. She refused to be owned. Though that did rub Edda up the wrong way, Allie was clearly determined. Determined enough to make engineering inconvenience, ironically, too much trouble to perform.

There was only one condition in the deal. Help more people than I have, Allie had said. So that was what Edda had to do. First, find out how many people Allie had helped. Simple data gathering. Edda gave that task to a minion and carried on building hir empire. There was only so much time left and some things were more important than others.

Then came the news. The minion returned. "Uhm. Mx? The Lucky Medik Allie has -uh- helped... more than you might think. It's.. five." Halfytch had never stammered or stumbled like this before. It had to be five of something large.

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