Challenge #03074-H151: Learning to Reach Out

She'd been years, her and so many, many others, being 'deprogrammed'. Her entire life she had lived with hate. She had lived with the idea that violence was a GOOD thing. That these aliens were brutal monsters. That Pure Humans were the only true life in this universe and the rest were filth. It had taken a long, long, time for her and the rest to learn, to understand, and to accept the reality of the world.

From this prompt. -- Lessons

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She had been there for months before she trusted the bed. The aliens in the blue livesuits never hurt her. They obeyed her wishes even when those wishes were paradoxical, only ever asking which of her paradoxes she preferred. Pure food and pure water was bland as hell. Bathing to her specifications in pure water wasn't as nice as a bubble bath or a hot shower, but it was pure. So pure that she couldn't taste it.

She expected Them to be violent. They were not. All the violence came from her. Lashing out at Them, lashing out at her environment, swearing and screaming and hitting anything in range including herself. When she hurt herself, they coated her in an absorbent jelly that still let her breathe and move, but did not allow her to cause herself pain.

In the end, it was... boring. She was bored enough to argue points with Brikiefec and Medic S'karr. They would only let her cook if she promised not to harm herself. It was pointless trying to punch any of Them, as their livesuits were some spongy nonsense that didn't let the aliens come to harm. She could not actually hurt anything. If she successfully destroyed anything, it was replaced before she woke up again.

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