Friday, Day 0, Deeeeeep Breaths

Plague news: Eight new cases, six imports. Two local... THANKS KNOMIRAS! Eighteen total, ten of those in hospital.

We have local transmissions again. Fuck. I was just starting to wean myself off of carrying my mask literally everywhere. No chance of that now. Thanks, Knomiras.

Despite some massive emotional upset, last night [I glitched and focussed on the wrong thing, much to Beloved's distress], Beloved still maintains enough faith in me to believe that I can make the end-user interface all by myself.

I shall certainly give it the good old college try. Just as soon as I know how to make a new thing.

So much to be anxious about. So little time.

In the news:

  • Delta variant includes gangrene and hearing loss as comorbs. Lovely
  • Scotty From Marketing sets up with Singapore to make the next travel bubble
  • Victorian town about to run out of water
  • Economist mad at Australia for... ::checks notes:: all the lockdowns that saved lives. Health expert mad at economist
  • The jab may be dangerous for pregnant people
  • Investigation into how the hell the Delta variant got loose from quarantine. Calling it now: complacency and incompetence
  • Plague Pam and Peter, the Knomiras from yesterday, may have had the "legitimate reason" of moving interstate. Still doesn't explain why they purposely avoided plague checks though
  • US Principal forces secretary to do X-rated photoshoot so she could send pix to her lover. Classy
  • Another Bridezilla goes viral with an obsessive checklist
  • Daredevil jumps off cliff, hits boat, dies
  • 22YO caught defrauding people by pretending to be the Trump family. He's now in legal trouble and the Trump family is free to defraud the US populace without any further competition
  • India discovers that the plague can spread to zoo animals. Fucking hell...

Okay. I have a house to unfuck, a story to write, 1K words to create, and an End-User Interface to code. Bare bones style. Let's get on with it.