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Friday, Disaster

Remember Beloved's crook tum? Turns out she's been throwing up what looks like blood for three days.


We tried calling 13SICK, no medics available. Tried booking at the local quack - two appointments immediately, and the plague protocols meant we'd have to ring in. By which time the two remaining appointments would be GONE.

...hi ho hi ho, off to the hospital we had to go...

The hospital is currently under rennos. So first we had to locate the dang carpark. Then we had to locate the dang door. Beloved had to sit and stop to breathe every ten minutes, it felt like.

I had to get her a trundle chair, poor darling.

Post check-in, they won't let me stay with her because firkin PLAGUE. Thanks, Knomiras...

She's in the hospital all alone and I'm worried about her. I can't even visit. I'm glued to my phone and on tenterhooks for the rest of the day.

I'll do my stream and story soon. Powers know what else I'm going to do to whittle away the time before I get any news.

Friday, Day 0, Deeeeeep Breaths

Plague news: Eight new cases, six imports. Two local... THANKS KNOMIRAS! Eighteen total, ten of those in hospital.

We have local transmissions again. Fuck. I was just starting to wean myself off of carrying my mask literally everywhere. No chance of that now. Thanks, Knomiras.

Despite some massive emotional upset, last night [I glitched and focussed on the wrong thing, much to Beloved's distress], Beloved still maintains enough faith in me to believe that I can make the end-user interface all by

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Challenge #02181-E352: Mightier How?

Aliens find out about "ink poisoning" and get concerned about crew members who write on their hands. -- Anon Guest

There should be no reason for a living being to draw on their own bodies. Data readers are flexible and wearable, they can go anywhere a cogniscent being does. The art of writing in and of itself is a niche for hobbyists, since everyone in the modern era types. Well. Almost everyone. There are niche hobbyists and the occasional fanatic who just.

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