Saturday, Day 1, PLNs

Today's the day I usually have a good old slob-off and a carb feast. Not this time. Tomorrow being heart-shaped chocolate day, and MeMum needing some technical assistance and a new phone. Involving the new phone. And sundry other errands in the process.

I'm doing my utmost to get a story done for you as soon as possible. The forces of distraction and procrastination are strong.

In the news:

  • Rats abandoning the Muppet's sinking ship. Some Repugnicans are starting a "word of the law" party and others are turning on the orange canker
  • 90's TV star has aged in 30 years. Shocking
  • Victoria's lockdown on again
  • Influencer sad that the plague cancelled her wedding

All right. Let's get on with getting on.