Challenge #02955-H032: We, the Undersigned...

The Dereggers gave up their trash planet, a toxic hell-hole that would've cost them a fortune to clean up. They signed an iron-clad contract that had every single i dotted and t crossed. Not so much as a gnat-sized loophole anywhere. And it was signed by their leaders and several leaders from the Galactic Alliance as witnesses, and him, of course.

He took all that was there and made enough time to make himself an insanely wealthy man. Wealth he then turned around and invested, instead of hoarding it, using it to terraform a toxic dump into a paradise. The poisons removed, the debris, gone, the air and water as pure as if the planet was newly discovered. The planet had been turned into a world even the weakest havenworlders would find beautiful and humans would think was nearly heaven.

However, now the De-Regger leadership was pissed. They demanded a change in the deal, but it was too late. But as he decided to give these angry men an object lesson, could they learn, or would they continue to scream foul? Still..... it did feel good to see the looks on their faces when they landed on the paradise that was their former trash planet, confronted with the fact they didn't own it anymore.

A sequel to this gem: -- DaniAndShali

Some phrases have a special magic. Ask, "What's the worst that can happen?" merely invites a better demonstration of the worst that could possibly happen. So does, "It can't get any worse," because of course it can. "That was mine," is one guaranteed to stiffen the spine of any given Deregger CEO or Executive Administrator to draw breath. So, too, is, "It's making a profit now."

Dereggers have very rigid standards. Pull yourself up by the bootstraps, work harder, appear strong, appear virtuous, and never take a loss. So long as the money floweth towards a CEO, then they are doing the will of their deity. No matter what the unread texts might have to say about it[1]. The mere concept of rubbish being turned into profit flies in the face of everything they believe in[2].

So, when a known refuse world and money sink was given in lieu of payment to a Galactic, the CEO's of Greater Deregulation Lower North congratulated themselves on their own wit and trade genius. They were less happy when they learned that the Galactic in question was making a profit they had missed out on. That, in their mind, was a heinous insult. So they did what any Deregger would do. They tried to sue.

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