Friday, Day 0, Bread

If I hadn't been irrevocably awake at 1AM, I would not be trying this. But yes, I am making bread with my new stoneground Lauke brand flour which is like the second-healthiest bread I could possibly make. Yay.

The fam wants white bread. I can make it today, thanks to the head start involved in being awake at F-off AM. It's already at the autolysis stage, so I should be baking by the evening. Yay.

How I'll fare at my 1K goal today remains to be seen. Not going to punish myself for not getting there. I'm already at a disadvantage.

Today's import case keeps the count of active cases to six. Blurgh. Back to the end-of-last-year doldrums for me. At least the vaccine coming out gives me hope of seeing a movie on the big screen at some time in the near future.

In the news:

  • Victoria has to lockdown again
  • China suddenly bans a global broadcaster, possibly for telling uncomfortable truths
  • Biden finally says something about Muppet's impeachment
  • Staff of Crown hotel corp resign en masse
  • Boyfriend accused of missing Melbourne girlfriend's murder
  • Someone claims China is winning at their bullshit
  • Weetbix with baked beans on top goes viral
  • Joss Whedon revealed to be a skeevy SOB
  • Aussies don't trust the government much

Welp. I have the bread starting the proofing process now. I may have to cut back on the hydration next time. I may not. Time will ultimately tell.