Saturday, Day 0, Catching Up

Plague news: The one new case is a local transmission. There's thirty-three total active cases, twenty one are in hospital and one's in the ICU.

Beloved and I are plotting to unfuck the house today because other business interfered with yesterday's unfuckening. We're also plotting to re-blue my hair and do it right this time.

But first, apparently, we are enjoying a spa bath.

In the news:

  • Mother kills her three daughters
  • Aussie presenter put on the spot about who saw his junk
  • Research says the kids are not okay during Delta
  • Conspiracy nuts want NZ to be hiding something
  • 70% of Australia has had their first vax dose
  • So many people have died of this plague in the USA
  • Facebook finally blocking anti-lockdown bullshit

Yikes. Story posting now.