Challenge #03158-H249: Instant Friendship

H: Waking up and unable to move, groaning softly. "I hurt, what happened?"

A: "Don't you remember? You were so brave."

H: "Why can't I move?"

A: "You're in a full body brace."

H: "How did I get out?"

A: "er..... Two men you saved were Pax Humanis. Apparently, they said they now owe you their lives and wouldn't let anyone else carry you out."

H: "I'm... so... tired... you and they... are... welcome." -- Anon Guest

Human Ren tried to come up with a coherent report for the people in Disaster Control[1]. Adrenaline, always one hell of a drug, had written over a lot of his memories. He remembered the normal business of the party like any distant, alcohol-tinted memory.

He remembered a bang far above, looking up and thinking, That ceiling doesn't look too good. Some piece of thin-slicing must have flared, because Ren didn't remember making the choice to grab whoever was near and shove them to the exit.

What he did remember was yelling, "Everyone flakk off outta here!" as he sprang from his chair. After that... things got fuzzy.

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