Challenge #03157-H248: Hypo-crit Fail

The CEOs pushed, they pushed hard, too hard, for too long. Everything has a breaking point, and all the CRC had to do was sit back, relax, then send in mop up teams and medics after the empire collapsed. -- Anon Guest

The thing with Deregger planets is that they're all in favour of business getting their way. They're not in favour of anything related to "individual welfare". They're thoroughly for people pulling themselves up by the bootstraps, and then heavily taxing any and all shoelaces.

The eternal piracy of privatisation has its detriments. Mostly via revolution when the greater populace gets sick and tired of the lies from on high. For Greater Deregulation Lower North West, it came via disease.

"It's our right to refuse the Offworlder plague they call the immunoflu," raged their Executive Commander in Chief. "Those frankenbugs are pushed through way too fast! Give us the old tried and true! Survival of the fittest! Those who don't survive never deserved to live! We do not run welfare for the weak!" Which made great rhetoric to gain votes and sponsors, but did nothing to stop the latest variants from spreading through the populace.

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