Friday, Day 0, Busyness

Plague news: Three new cases - one local, two imports. Thirty-two total active cases, twenty in hospital and one in the ICU.

Something broke for me last night and I am shifting chunks like nobody's business today. I only feel like I'm breathing easier so one of my tasks this morrow is to put myself on Max for another dose.

My head firkin HURTS today. I've already taken ibuprofen and paracetamol for it. It's not kicking in so great. Alas. I predict a lot of hours in the dark with all my windows on Night Mode and one hand clutching half my face a la Phantom of the Opera.

It's going to make today "fun".

In the news:

  • Two radio hosts almost killed two celebrities. Guys. Aim for the Muppet
  • Police bodycam footage shows how they missed a dozen red flags about now-missing woman's situation
  • Found Autistic Toddler's mum declares the Virgin Mary is in a photo of the kid as he was found
  • Plague creating two classes of people - locked down and not locked down
  • New mum denied vax because baby
  • Five Guys coming to Australia
  • Shooped pics of Harry and Meghan mocked mercilessly

And now it's bus o'clock. Story soon.