I have an almost-half-hour episode in the bag and I am now adding a musical score of sorts to underlay the story. Making lazy loops is... interesting. I usually don't do more than three instruments because it'll be at a low volume to overwhelm any hiss, but not the actual words of the podcast.

It's turning out good. I have a drama track, a romance track, and a suspense track, and that should be all I need until I get to the fantasy areas of my indie posts.

Only then will I compose some generic lute-and-flute loops for the fantasy settings. Let's see how far I get on drama, romance, and suspense.

So far, it's taken me the better part of a week to squeeze in editing time, but I feel that I should be able to streamline things in the future. Starting with streamlining how many firkin tracks I have going.

[Shown here: Compressed Audacity track outline with 23 separate tracks and it's not even near to complete yet]

Just... look at that mess. There's guaranteed to be a better way to do this with less mess. I'll find it, just... not today.

Today, my focus now shifts to all my other stuff - an Instant, a flash fanfiction, one thousand words... Only then do I get to take it slightly easier for a stretch. Maybe produce some more Oh My Mods or record a few more stories and so forth.

Once I'm done making the first ep, I shall send it to my friendo artist to see if she can be inspired enough to make a splash art for the dang thing.

By ep three, I should know how much extended time it takes to make an ep, and then I can have a publishing schedule. Fingers crossed.

Something's gotta work somehow... otherwise, what's the point?