Challenge #02305-F115: What's in a Name?

There is an old myth among the Edge folk that the only thing that could stop an overly enthusiastic human from causing unwanted destruction is to command them using their full names. But in order to do so you must first find their secret name. Their "Middle" name!

And it must be true or why else would they have it hidden? -- AmberFox

Tyroq had seen it happen. The young Humans were causing trouble in a public zone. Climbing structures that should not be climbed, throwing things at each other, and racing around slower cogniscents in a hunting game that involved too much shrieking.

Their parental unit tripped their final nerve and barked, "Thelis Jaime Marsden, Allie Rys Marsden, you stop that nonsense right now!"

Like a miracle, they did. They walked sedately back to their parental, much more subdued than they had been a few mere moments ago. They remained docile - even for humans - for the remainder of their time in the public zone.

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