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I have an almost-half-hour episode in the bag and I am now adding a musical score of sorts to underlay the story. Making lazy loops is... interesting. I usually don't do more than three instruments because it'll be at a low volume to overwhelm any hiss, but not the actual words of the podcast.

It's turning out good. I have a drama track, a romance track, and a suspense track, and that should be all I need until I get to the fantasy areas of my indie posts.

Only then will I compose some generic lute-and-flute loops for the fantasy settings. Let's see how far I get on drama, romance, and suspense.

So far, it's taken me the better part of a week to squeeze in editing time, but I feel that I should be able to streamline things in the future. Starting with streamlining how many firkin tracks I have going.

[Shown here: Compressed Audacity track outline with 23 separate tracks and it's not even near to complete yet]

Just... look at that mess. There's guaranteed to be a better way to do this with less mess. I'll find it, just... not today.

Today, my focus now shifts to all my other stuff - an Instant, a flash fanfiction, one thousand words... Only then do I get to take it slightly easier for a stretch. Maybe produce some more Oh My Mods or record a few more stories and so forth.

Once I'm done making the first ep, I shall send it to my friendo artist to see if she can be inspired enough to make a splash art for the dang thing.

By ep three, I should know how much extended time it takes to make an ep, and then I can have a publishing schedule. Fingers crossed.

Something's gotta work somehow... otherwise, what's the point?

Well, fuck

The rape case is off. The muppet's supporters harassed the poor girl who had two witnesses to her assault... and they did so to the point that she withdrew the charges.

Fuck the muppet. Fuck his fanboys. Fuck everyone who thinks this is okay.


With a rough pineapple.

Our only hope now lies in the Electoral College deciding to go with the popular vote and casting the muppet down into the ignominy that he deserves. Which really is wishful thinking.


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