Okay. I've got this.

If I want to use CS Paint Ex [which I have purchased on special], I have to use it on either my desktop or my lappy, with my iPad acting as a spare screen. Because if I wanted to use it on my iPad, I'd have to pay a monthly fee and fuck that noise for a bad joke.

I would much rather use my desktop than my lappy. BUT... my desktop has some defunct chips in it that prevent the update that would allow me to use the firkin iPad as a spare screen.


To draw things and maybe make a cool fid, I have to book an appointment at the Apple Store to take my desktop compy in for repairs so I can update and install all the nonsense necessary for potential fun times.


It's all for want of a nail over here.

In the news:

  • Muppet advised to wear masks for his church rally, so too are those attending. Nobody wears a mask and the place is packed
  • Muppet doubles down on naming Covid-19 "Kung Flu" in an astonishing display of both ignorance and racism. Doesn't know what the 19 is for.
  • Muppet has claimed responsibility for ~350 km of wall. About 5km of which is actually new. He's also very happy to have graffito'd his name on a commemorative plaque. That'll wear off in less than a week 9_9
  • Victoria has enlisted the army to help contain the infected in their quarantine hotels because apparently the water is dosed with Stupid down there -_-
  • Sweden's telling us that keeping the economy open is more important than keeping people alive and acting like we're the dumminses for not doing what they did. The herd immunity thing DID NOT WORK but they're proud of themselves for having a booming economy
  • The USA is trying to decide if the Muppet's speech to "slow down testing" was a joke or not
  • Stonehenge had an even BIGGER circle of stones around it at one point, thus adding fuel to my theory that it existed to flex on some other neolithic tribe
  • The schadenfreude is sweet as Twitter has decided to censor a threatening tweet that the Muppet made. Nothing in the news about how the Muppet reacted to this
  • Tennis star who played whilst sick with Covid has a wifey who's into veganism and is antivax. Apparently she thinks she and her fam can heal with the right kale smoothies and crystal vibrations. Sigh 9_9

It's a good day to hide in a bunker, but I gotta go refresh my ice cream supply. And maybe get my hands on a dip pen if I can.

Story may be delayed because of those shenanigans.