Challenge #02724-G167: There Goes Mischief

Ze was confident in zer ability to handle this. Ze was a level three deathworlder who worked with dangerous animals for a living! Watching a human toddler for an afternoon and evening would be no problem.

Of course, ze had made an elementary mistake...ze had failed to realize that just because the child still spoke Scribble and could only walk at a slow, bobbling shuffle on two legs didn't stop them from booking it on all fours, or climbing the furniture. And this particular toddler was fond of hiding, and then providing jump scares to nearby adult caretakers. -- Anon Guest

Human Lew had apparently graduated to 'toddler'. This, according to Cless' inspection, meant that the infant Human was barely capable of shuffling along on two feet, with frequent stops to imbalance themself and sit heavily on the floor.

"Ai! Issa buk," proclaimed Human Lew.

"This is Companion Cless," said Human Lew's parental, Human Vai. "Ze is not a chicken."

Human Lew kept making chicken noises.

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