It's 3AM. Whee!

I've been awake for two hours. Since it's also Bread Day(tm), I have used my time to feed the Starters [now named Wilson and Ingrid. Wilson is the all-wholemeal Starter, and Ingrid is the one from the Instructions I found somewhere on the interwebs] and begin the process of Bread.

I also have savoury crackers planned, so that's going to be "fun".

Beloved just came in to say "goodnight" and I told them I had Ingrid on my desk.

Today also marks a record two days between rejection and next submission. I really don't want to submit to a Clayton's Rejection and looking for anything else is preferable to a non-response rejection. Blurgh.

I just gotta chant WWAEWGD until I decide on some dumb-arse thing and thence hope for the best.

In the News:

  • The guy who could have spoken up and stopped all the insanity confirms that the Muppet should not be allowed to have sharp objects, let alone be in charge of an entire country. Also confirming that he's a mega douchelord for not speaking up and thereby stopping the insanity
  • Victoria ramps up testing to try and contain the plague
  • New South Wales continues to fuck things up
  • The tourism industry is suffering because we cannot open our borders
  • The USA is number one! In record-breaking numbers of people infected with the plague
  • Critical Role will be back NEXT THURSDAY! [Finally, some good fucking news] I'm happy about something

Also, my cyclone headache is refusing to clear. Come on, storm. Happen, already. Ow.

I need clothes, because the day is about to officially start.