Challenge #02725-G168: A Matter of Technicality

Human1: Damn if Australia pushed our level 4 deathworld to a 4.5 I’m worried about you guys exploring the unexplored 70% of our ocean.

Human2: it’s not 70% it’s 95%

Crewmate: wait what? -- Anon Guest

"Ah... that's a mis-assumption," said Thorq. "The Deathworlder classification is based on how many environmental factors are hostile to the development of intelligent life. In the case of most of the Earth, it's the fauna, the weather, the flora, and the ocean. Australia also happens to have the geography as hostile as well."

There was a moment of silence among the Humans having this discussion. Cold stares abounded.

"Nobody likes a person who draws from the well actually," said Human Zif.

"Way to spoil our fun, Thorq," said Human Kon. "We were bullshitting and you shat on it."

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