Nothing is Over Yet

The American news is all about the riots, and even then, they're trying the usual flock of D's1 to either keep the people scared or keep the people shopping. They would like to believe that Covid-19 is over because the news isn't as loud about the statistics, but it's still raging over there. Plus it's looking like that second wave is revving up close to the source.

Fun times.

Police violence is all over my news feeds and nobody is talking about maintaining plague precautions - though I did see one article stating that, if everyone wore masks, then travel could resume with little to no harm. Best of luck with that. Everyone is getting real casual about the possibility of plague, out my way.

I will continue to use my mask until either I get the vaccine or the case numbers drop to zero. Whichever happens first.

[Speaking of vaccines, I need to get my fecal matter organised and go get my flu shot, also talk to the kids about getting theirs etc. I am procrastinating because plague]

Anyway. My order for flour has gone through and it looks like this week, I shall just be feeding my starters and frying up the harvest with smashed olives because I just have enough flour to feed those starters with. None spare for bread.

Just as well since the bread I made last week is still sitting pretty on the kitchen countertop.

Today's output will be happening soon. I'm doing rather well on the 200-words-per-day with not much in the way of overflow. I'm slow, but I'm still getting there.

Let's get a little further towards all our goals.

  1. Deny, Delay, Distract, and -in the case of shonky businesses- Decamp.