Challenge #02709-G152: Fixes Any Problem

A: "Just how many things do you humans make out of that stuff?"

H: Pulling yet another roll of the silvery duct tape from his bag. "Oh, quite a fair few. Wallets, flowers, clothing, water bags, plates, bowls, shoes, weapons, you name it. Oop, hold the bow still, if we're going to get back to the space port, I need to finish this boat and then make the thing's sail."

A: "You can't be serious, we're really going to be going all the way back to the port in nothing but... duct tape??"

H: "Sure! And we could even take the boat with us to use for later sails if we wanted to!"

Note - yes Sail boats have been made, beautifully so, out of duct tape. Here's a video of my favorite team doing so, the Mythbusters! -- Anon Guest

"Well, ductape and these lovely whippy canes," said Human Jan. "Hold this one here for a sec'." Since Human Jan had already employed both hands, both feet, and one knee to the extant construction, Frew had to assist.

What the Human held easily, Frew had to struggle with, using all of his strength. However, that strength lasted just long enough for Human Jan to quickly apply some more ductape to the resultant joint. It was the last join in the entire seemingly fragile frame, which looked like it was one good sneeze away from turning into a cage-turned-torture-device for Human Jan. Nevertheless, the ductape held. "This will remain stable?"

"Abso-tively. I've seen this done before. Heck. San Francisco has an annual ductape regata. It's a heck of a thing to watch. Someone made a yellow ductape ducky, last year. That was hilarious."

"You are not building a duck," said Frew. Just to be certain. You never could tell with Humans.

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