Challenge #02710-G153: Paradox Wreck

As a warning for any future scientist: Do not hook up a warp-drive engine to a gravity-generator. you will create a gravity cannon that will obliterate 1/3 of a class zegalbond warship, but also lose 1/3 of you blood without any wounds. -- Anon Guest

They called it 'warp drive' in flagrant violation of copyright at the time of the wreck's discovery. What it did was create a temporary 'soft spot' between real space and the parallel dimensional brane known as 'hyperspace' in a slightly less dodgy violation of copyright. The experiments were successful in all but one detail - the 'warp' drive was inexorably tied to the gravity generators.

Gravity drives and hyperspace do not agree. The artificial gravity forces translate into 'deep time' pockets once inside. It's basic safety to turn off the gravity drives before entering such a 'soft spot'. We know this now, but sometime between the modern era and three millennia hence, that vital information becomes lost.

Of the survivors, there was one in desperate need of urgent medical care. That survivor, the chief engineer of the experiment, was missing one third of their entire blood mass with no signs of injury. The crew of the Misty Hope were not much better, and very disturbed to learn that they had been thrown three thousand years into the past and some thousands of light years from their point of origin.

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