I've done all the dumb things...

Well. Technically, I've only done some of the grand total of silly mistakes and bad choices that Humanity is capable of. I'm not completing the set because I refuse to treat people like things and I won't endorse violence against minorities. Hell, I won't even try to defend it. Those peeps are bad. End of.


Dumb things I have done:

  • Ordered flour to my Auspost Locker, not knowing whether or not their delivery company delivered there [spoilers: they don't]
  • Gave myself a steam burn by lifting the edge of a flexible pan lid whilst cooking

The delivery company now has instructions to deliver to my home. Whee. BUT, I also don't have the flour to make bread today, so there will be no baking.

I still have last weeks' horribad too-sweet cupcakes, so that's possibly a good thing.

In the news:

  • Protestors against police violence have been called out in a way that protestors in favour of re-opening businesses haven't
  • Twitter is doubling down on their fact check policy
  • The Muppet has lost control over six blocks in Seattle and he is spitting chips about it
  • Travellers from abroad will have to pay for their quarantine hotel stays
  • ScoMo is telling state leaders to open their borders. I'm willing to bet money that QLD is going to tell him to rack off.

The good news that the new case numbers are going down, so I might be putting the masks away sometime real soon now. I can hope.

The great news is that I've already done my word count for today, with three out of five days going over, but I still had to check at roughly halfway. I might stick with 200 wpd for next week, see how I go.

Onwards to today's tale.