Monday, Moving and Sundry

No, I am not moving house. I am moving my Wordpress blog to new digs. I shall be replacing everything on my Wordpress with a screed against using stuff to feed LLM's without gaining permission nor paying the original artist.

But I gotta do the stream for this week before I get on with the big move.

Which is happening soon, because administrivia on various things has absorbed ALL of my morning.

This techno-luddite is trying to trust things again, and the work is difficult. BUT I also need it so... here I am. TRYING to trust it when I know damn well that it'll stab me in the back at the earliest opportunity.

It's not that I don't believe in technology. It's that I don't fucking trust the bodies corporate that are making it. I am a very anti-capitalist bean.

I have some minutes to prep for the stream. I'll make sure I have a drinkie.