Challenge #04088-K070: How the Sausage Gets Made

A non pax humanis world filled with game to be hunted. Deer, rabbits, squirrels many varieties of birds, large boars, buffalo, etc. The hunting was absolutely necessary as there was few predators for such prey. This world freely taught those who wanted to hunt how to do so humanely, and how to clean and process the meat. Not all who want to hunt are vicious killers. -- Anon Guest

Speculation abounded about the world. It was full of herbivores. The only thing that kept the populations under some kind of control were diseases and some of the parasites. If it wasn't for periodic interventions, the other method of population control would be famines.

Some said it was a vegan's graveworld. Some said it was someone's attempt to preserve endangered species in a paradise made just for them. Someone said it was a half-finished attempt at Earth Mark Two, before they installed the predators. Either way, it was a place for a certain group to understand the nature of nature. Including the simple and painful truth: All life, everywhere, feeds on death.

Even the cloned muscle in the tube vats had its origin in a living creature. The printed meats' patterns did the same. There once was something alive, that had to be dead, to make food.

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