Monday (Day Zero Secundus)

It's Monday, there's two new cases today, which is less than the alarming nine of yesterday. I feel secure in allowing Miss Chaos to keep attending school, but I shall be keeping a weather eye on the case count.

A very paranoid weather eye. My firkin life is on the line. Even though it feels like I'm the only one who cares about that, I'm probably the most important person who does. If that makes sense, then what are you doing in my head?

When you are the only person who cares about you, then that's one person who cares about you. That person is therefore the most important person who cares about you. So look after yourself.

Yesterday was shopping for essentials. Food for the cats, ice cream for my continued sanity, and real cream for my diet. I have two cut loafs of homemade sourdough bread in my freezer, wrapped and ready for whenever we are in a sourdough mood.

In the news:

  • Nurses and Doctors are begging us to stop hugging or shaking hands so we can keep the virus spread minimised
  • Affluent neighbourhoods can look forward to a more "artisinal" Coles experience where staffers make things fresh on demand so the ppl who live there can flex
  • TikTok is now in a legal battle with the Muppet
  • There's an asteroid that will be passing close to Earth at about US election day (stahp)
  • Company wants 'Karens' to review products. I'm sure this is going to melt down in an apocalyptic disaster in no short order
  • Lockdowns have caused a spike in divorces and I blame toxic heteronormativity
  • China has a secret submarine batcave

I got about twenty minutes before Bus O'Clock and I want to spend it faffing about. Story later.