Challenge #02783-G226: Untranslatable

I wanted to sing, but it didn’t work translated to gal-simple. So I tried a mental translators, but then I learn that it most only scan the left side of the brain for the sentence structures. Singing comes from the right side. -- Anon Guest

[AN: There's growing evidence that the left-brain/right-brain stuff isn't as real as we once thought. However, there are other things that say it's real in very specific directions.]

Sometimes, you just got to sing. Sometimes, those listening do not understand the language being sung. This has lead to some true travesties in the past. Fortunately, technology exists to bridge the language gap.

Unfortunately, language is complicated. Songs are even more complicated as meter, rhyme, allegory, and allusion all blend together into something in which the literal translation is worse than unrelated to the original work. Some experimentation has occurred in the area of scanning the brain waves of the singer to try and get metaphorically closer to the meat of the meaning.

Initial results were... not that great. Especially in Humans. Redundancies built upon a brain structure initially designed to find food and co-ordinate a body and little else were not made for complicated linguistics. In Deathworlders especially, this meant different areas for (a) the language itself, (b) the tonal inflections within or surrounding the language, and (c) any meaning within both. There were more than that, but those were the bare minimum. It was a disaster.

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