Day Zer- OMG

Nine cases today. NINE! Three of them are from overseas and isolated, but the rest... The rest of them are linked to a youth prison. A youth prison that is linked by staffers with aged care and disability care homes.


Queensland is now in severe lockdown and the message is out - the longer this goes on, the more restrictions there will be. Stop these shenanigans at once or we shall all be bricked into our homes.

Meanwhile, the two covidiots who skipped out on quarantine in Perth have claimed that they had "no idea" that quarantine precautions were a thing. They're not welcome back in Perth, but have also claimed that they will come back two months hence "once coronavirus is over" and will be doing so "by force".

I have no idea what kind of army these dillholes think they have, but they need a smack upside the head. One of their protests was "did we kill anyone?" Bitch, you firkin could have. Criminy.

I sincerely hope that social media continues to give them an education via mass ire venting from all the people impacted by their idiocy. They deserve at least a small deluge of hate.

Speaking of hate... China's apparently shot a fisherman because they were in fear of a fishing boat threatening their imperial glory territorial rights. Rumblings of WW III increase just a smidge.

Capt S. wanted to see us next Sunday. Those plns might be thrown in a fire, depending on whether or not people in Queensland behave themselves in this coming week. Depending on how many people had how much contact with how many facilities.

Care homes and detention centres [aka "prisons"] seem to be centres of neglect to my skeptical eye.

In personal news, there's an ever-growing list of things that I cannot do on my computer or it dies. This now includes using it as a means of listening to music whilst I mess around on other machines.

Too much is failing on my main compy and I get the increasing feeling that I will not have enough time to save for the new one. Sigh. I like having a desktop to work on because I get into a better work-oriented frame of mind there. Working on the lappy means I'm more inclined to seek entertainment. Working on the gaming PC is problematic in entirely different directions because the keyboard there is Weird(tm).

All I can do is keep up the process of my thing and hoping for the best.

Onwards for story.