Monday - Day 2

So KIABIL was gifted a mud cake and I was gifted a RAINBOW CAKE. We swapped because each much preferred the other. MeMum got to talk her head off. We all got to get some social time which we were all starved for.

Good times.

I also got to see Capt. S's kittens, which have just opened their eyes and are about to become Bumper Car Kittens(tm).

Today, I am completely solo and have the daunting task of attempting to unfuck my house by myself. I suspect I will fail miserably. Mz N, who has been helping me, is spending a week on personal shenanigans and I begrudge her not any free time.

In the Headlines:

  • China's alleged plan to cause economic hurt to Australia isn't a plot after all, but actually their move towards green energy, which includes cutting out gas. I called these winds of change in firkin JANUARY, talk about missing the clue
  • North Queensland wants to separate from South Queensland in a proposal by a former Liberal National Party member. AKA the right wing, for those not up on Aussie politics. I suspect this is more a power grab on behalf of failing political movements than any actual need for identity. Given that this drongo is also an anti-masker, I'd say I'm right on the money
  • Victoria planning to ease restrictions despite the fact that there are still outbreaks. This is the stuff that keeps the plague moving
  • China tells its army to shape up for war
  • NSW has a cluster connected to a childcare facility. Institution hotspots once more ta ra ra...
  • Fitness influencer who thought the plague was fake dies of it
  • Conspiracy theory emerges as previous generation of iPhones start to get dodgy just as the next generation emerges. Apple claims it's an OS issue and hedges. I'm with the conspiracists on this one

I need to take a saline dose because accumulated gunk in my breathing tubes, but that will happen after Miss Chaos is off to school.

It's almost Bus O'clock. I will be working on KOSBOB. Let's go.