Monday, Day 1, Yakkety Sax Go!

No cases, foreign or domestic. Huzzah. Fifty-seven active cases, all of them in hospital. It's stats like this that make me want to leave my mask at home again. Not a chance before the twenty days are up.

Today I have:

  1. Household unfuckening
  2. Potential parcel arrival
  3. Mayhem announced an appointment while I was sleeping and that might be happening in the middle of everything else
  4. Also Tale Foundry is doing the reserve readings and I want to be there for that


It's yet another instance of my commitments ganging up on me in an unfortunate clusterfuck. It happens from time to time. If anything's going to add to the nonsense, today will be the day my headset mic' dies.

In the news:

  • South American strain of the plague invulnerable to the vaccine. Yay...
  • NSW Police blocked from investigating the Parliament sex scandal when it happened. WHOOPS
  • Call to stop gendered epithets 'mum/dad', 'gf/bf' causes outrage
  • ScoMo cancels vax deadline
  • China continues to rattle them sabres
  • Musk's monkey brain chip causes outbreak of Yuck Factor
  • Cyclones hit WA

Let's get some fiction happening.