Challenge #03014-H091: To Find a Space

A: Get out, or things will get weird

B: Don’t threaten me with a good time -- Anon Guest

Sap had screamed for five solid minutes because he thought he had lost Lachasse forever. The fact that there were babies and children screaming at the same time was almost lost to him. The instant he saw his favourite Cleric, he had almost collapsed from relief. Thereafter, he hadn't left Lachasse's side. Desperately helping more desperate souls than his own debatable one.

It took weeks for everything to be sorted to a point of stability. Lachasse took residence in the nearest temple, making it her own. Sap tagged along and stayed close. In those few first weeks, she was too exhausted to make note of where he slept. On the floor, at her feet, like any loyal pet.

They were both too exhausted to change anything during that first month after the Unwanted's Exile. It was the second month, when things were achieving a state of normalcy that she noticed. They had done everything for the day and she was changing for bed behind the screen Sap had made for her modesty. She came out in her night shift, and noticed the lack of his bedding.

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