Indulgence Day

It's Saturday, and I've just consumed an entire pizza [prawns and mushrooms yum] and I am trying to take a break from being bothered by the world for a day.

Today's PLN, such as it is, is thus:

  • [X] Lie in
  • [X] Eat carbs
  • [ ] Instant story
  • [ ] Fun project(s)
  • [ ] Enjoy myself

I've already heard that the Karen Squad in Victoria and NSW are attempting to get themselves smuggled into Queensland, and the idiot who rode the train while infected is facing an 11K fine or jail time. Further, some of them have started to escape restrictions whilst brandishing firearms!

This is in flagrant violation of Australian Firearms laws. Some of which, the Karen Squad will be learning about from the interior of a prison cell, I hope.

There is no force of bloody-minded determination mixed with stupidity greater than a bunch of Karens who think they can do whatever they want. Grr.

Entitled arseholes are going to be the end of Humanity, I swear.