Challenge #02732-G175: Rescue Human

A human stands still, eyes closed, at their work station. Their lips move. They are talking to themself, softly.

"You're having a flashback. You're having a flashback. It's over, it's done with, you're healed. There's nothing wrong with your wrist, and no one can ever make you that helpless again. You're having a flashback." -- Anon Guest

The Galactic Alliance had initially shunned Humans, save for those existing in or near the Edge Territories. Shortly after their admission to the Alliance, the demand for Ships' Humans outstripped the supply. This lead to the beginnings of Rescue Humans.

Humans are terrible to each other, especially in some of their more rigid colonial identities. Some were desperate to escape by any means, including risking their lives by sneaking aboard freight ships. They came with scars that weren't always visible, and required a greater amount of understanding from their Alliance crew. One such Rescue Human was Human Nad.

For the most part, Nad was fine. Ekkus etiquette had it ingrained in the crew of the Risk Reward Ratio that one approached a crewmate so that they could see you approaching. Nobody crept up from behind Human Nad, and that made them more relaxed than when the crew had found them. Which was a definite improvement for Human Nad, but also disturbing for the knowledge that sometimes Humans were so horrible to each other that they never wanted to see another Human for the rest of their lives.

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