Challenge #02733-G176: The Old One Two

Hey if I fight back it would be considered self-defence right? -- Anon Guest

"Pro tip, kid. Don't ask that kind of question when you're surrounded by ten armed adults," said Pirate Vlex. They were facing down a small, scrawny Human who the crew had been feeding and coaxing out into company like a Human might do for a stray cat. They were a wild one, wearing whatever fit their body and not caring for any conventions about what should be worn, by whom, or where.

Despite the situation, the small Human was showing their teeth. This, according to Vlex's knowledge base, was not a threat display, but an expression of happiness. They started chanting in a limited singsong. "I know something you do not, I know something you do not, I know something you do not..."

They fell silent when Vlex put the business end of their gun to the whelp's nose. "You had better pray it is enough information to save your life."

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