Hello, Ekka Flu...

Goodbye art...

Mayhem's contemporaries in math class shared their Ekka Bug(tm) with Mayhem and I had to drag his arse home in the middle of the day. He wanted to repeat this performance, thus ensuring the spread of the plague to further corners of the globe and disrupting my day.

However, I have an ace up my sleeve - I didn't wake him up. Sick boi needs sleeps, so I let him sleep. I will likely see him in the afternoon, at which point, I shall tell him to make a Doctor's appointment.

I did tell him to set his own alarm, after all. Time for the lad to deal with the consequences of his inaction.

Meanwhilst, I am doing my level best to not catch the Ekka Flu. Wish me luck.

More rants about saving the world are due today, and I shall see how well that goes.