Challenge #02415-F225: Getting the Message

Depending what you listen to it can affect your mind and body drastically. example being that rush of adrenaline while listening to Ghost Ship of Cannibal Rats by Billy Talent and calm mind while Nocturne from String Quartet No. 2 plays in the background. -- Anon Guest

Shayde had either been picking up outdated slanguage or she was trying to say something without the correct words. She said, "Music is mood," out of nowhere. They had been enjoying a companionable silence on a slow veet to the upper fins for a reason that was unimportant, now, and she just said, "Music is mood." No preamble, no explanation, no followup.

Rael figured this was another one of her attempts to either wind him up or loosen him up, depending on her mood at the time. This time, it was difficult to gauge. Shayde had evidently reset to 'on mission' mode, which was appearing composed and ready for the action of the day whilst -probably- internally calculating how to get on someone's last nerve. Which was all a very good reason not to comment and pretend nothing had been said.

It was a decent enough strategy, no matter how much that three-word phrase gnawed at his conscious mind. He could either figure it out or, with enough time, forget it was ever said. He would sooner submit himself to Wave of the Future for vivisection than actually engage and ask what the flakk she was talking about. That way lay endless exasperation.

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