Challenge #02414-F224: Livin' in the Fridge

I remember when my roommate raided the fridge, it was horrifying. -- Anon Guest

Let me get one thing straight - when you're riding the poverty line as a student, you will accept anything. Books cost a shit-ton of money. So does rent. So does the internet you need in order to do research. Food is always the biggest thing that gets cost-cut when you're a student. Dumpster diving is big amongst the student crowd. Or it was before the corporations throwing out otherwise sorta-okay food started hosing it down with literal poison.

Capitalism - it won't share with others. Not even when it makes sense to do so.

This is why the running fridge under the house was such a bonus. On discovery, we thought it would be cool to have extra storage for more bulk supplies. You know. Bulk supplies that aren't huge crates of instant noodles. They happen. You just gotta be quick. But anyway, this fridge was old. I'm talking just past the invention of electricity old, and the whole thing was a block of ice inside. Couldn't be anything decent in there, right? Wrong. You haven't met Deano.

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