Okay. NOW I can do stuff...

It's been a sideways kind'a morning, starting with a fresh dose of Cyclone Migrane [thanks NSW, for having all those blizzards] and a solid side of disorganisation because my last 48 hours were like this:

  • Run out of my own battery power at like 7PM
  • Take a 5-htp to make sure I get a good night's sleep
  • Can't sleep (WTF mate?)
  • Beloved stays up because they have to be at work at 1AM (server nonse)
  • Kittens having a dinglefest until the wee small
  • Somehow sleep through Beloved leaving
  • Regular day with cleaning and money runs and brat runs
  • And stories
  • Beloved arrives home at like 2PM and immediately goes to sleep
  • Trying to arrange my life around them is not fun
  • Can't sleep again (Seriously wtf!)
  • Watch some Seconds Before Disaster and snoodle with the cats
  • Bedtime at 10PM

At least this time the 5-htp worked and I could snooze until the alarm went off. I'm trying to quit coffee again and so far, no good. I held off until lunchtime yesterday, but I need my caffeine right now.


So I'm'a go get a coffee and get right on that Instant story and maybe 500-1K words in Kingdom of Sand. Grind, grind, grind...