Sickness In The Family

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I am definitely not well

Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season got me. Ugh. I have a dose of Whatever Is Going Around so my plans aren't much more elaborate than make my Instant and Take Naps. If I get a Wordpress Wednesday done today, it will likely be very late and not very coherent. My apologies in advance.

My keyboard is still broken on a key I use a LOT so things are slow. I'd rather do everything on my lappy, but everything is not on my lappy. Most stuff is on my main compy. Which has a broken keyboard :P

Also I drank a diet coke that was at least a year old and it tasted like arse, but IDK if that was the coke or my lack of tastebuds. Bleh.

I shall be drinking lots of tea and taking lots of naps. Cats optional.

One More Monday

Chaos is back to school today, and she has a SUPER short haircut because my girl believes in doing her own hairdressing -_-

She chopped the back of her head practically bald with a pair of scissors so we had to give her an undercut. Why? She was feeling too hot.

After she's off to school, I have to go run and get moneys for this week. Then it's the continuing chaos of the impending summer weather plus unfucking the house.

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Monday Again?

My week is off to a fantastic start with Chaos being the one with the Lurgi and Mayhem due back to school. Since he's officially an adult, I won't get on his case until it's about time to leave...

Which makes literally everything else that should be routine today a complication.


On the other hand, there may be time to gather me some Halo Tops because my stash is officially empty.

Also, I binged the entirety of The Dark Crystal: Age

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Hello, Ekka Flu...

Goodbye art...

Mayhem's contemporaries in math class shared their Ekka Bug(tm) with Mayhem and I had to drag his arse home in the middle of the day. He wanted to repeat this performance, thus ensuring the spread of the plague to further corners of the globe and disrupting my day.

However, I have an ace up my sleeve - I didn't wake him up. Sick boi needs sleeps, so I let him sleep. I will likely see him in the afternoon,

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Happy birthday, Mayhem

Of all the injustices of the universe, the greatest must be having a birthday while you're sick. You can't go out. You can't have a big party. You can't do anything much but ingest whatever you can and groan pathetically. Or wrap yourself up in a doona and play videos all day.

Fortunately, three out of four of those things are Mayhem's favourite activities, so he's not that put out. The minor inconvenience of lurgi is quelled by medication and he hasn't

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Mayhem has succumbed to Chaos' virus. Which means I have two kids at home with the Lurgi. It also means that I have to drag Mayhem up to the doctors to get more paperwork, blablabla.

And I have a rash in a painful place that needs to be fixed by not wearing tight clothing. Or not wearing clothing at all.

BUT I have to be out and about. Getting paperwork, fetching ginger ale because everyone is sick... and getting some spray cream

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Despite the combined best efforts of both medicine and myself - Mayhem is still throwing up. We can't nail down the cause and sending him to school is counterproductive.

They don't like him being there if he's upchucking.

Meanwhile, he and I will be working on other causes. Starting with the state of his pig sty room. I'm willing to bet there's at least a cubic meter of assorted rubbish and filthy plates or glasses in there. Getting rid of the nasties

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Well crap.

It's half past two in the morning. Beloved has barely finished with the busy season at work...

So of firkin course they get a late night visit from the Gastro Fairy.

Which has me awake during the criminally small hours, worried about their continuing health.

This has been happening since about one in the morning, folks. Whenever I look forward to some good times, Mr Murphy seems to be eagerly waiting in the wings.

I can't sleep, the love of my life

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Lurgi has struck

The entire household is at some stage of fighting off the dreaded Lurgi, so I won’t be spending as much time on my writing for the meanwhile.

Chaos is the last to fall/youngest/most needy of the family, so most of my time will be sopped up by caring for an ailing little lass.

I’ll still be trying to do the daily instants, but progress on my trilogy has tanked.

Thanks to everyone for their patience with

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