Gotta unfuck on Friday (Day 3)

It's foggy, we're on day three of no new plague cases, even though there's that one bloke who broke quarantine five days early and is in parts unknown. Last I heard, anyway.

I've fed the cats, fed the starters, and my harvest pancake is currently cooking. Yay. I still have yet to unfuck the house, but that is scheduled.

I'm feeling organised as heck.

Let's check the news.

  • Authorities all over the place looking very hard at frozen foodstuffs
  • NZ clamping down hard and working to contain their outbreak of plague
  • Security guard once blamed for Victoria's outbreak innocent, it was a night duty manager
  • Woolies is apparently phasing out the deli section
  • Bunnings Karen now practicing witchcraft to end the reign of the politician responsible for "evil mask laws" 9_9
  • Plague is under control... ish... in Melbourne, and is now spreading to the countryside
  • ScoMo's under the mark of shame for the inadequate aged care facilities
  • Phillipines leader publicly offers to take Russia's vaccine... and then privately backs down
  • Health authorities pushing ahead to spread testing in regional Victoria
  • Muppet picks plague advisory who agrees with his POV 9_9
  • Aussie tourism industry is not getting government handouts
  • Muppet removes water-saving restrictions on shower-heads because he wants his hair looking right 9_9
  • More palaver involving China sending packets of mystery seeds to randos all over the world. I have to wonder WTF the agenda is
  • Elon Musk claims to have broken the brain-to-compy barrier, leading to us using our brains to control our PC's

It's kind of a good thing I have to wait a few years for that level of tech nonsense. That way I can watch and judge how it goes.

It's Bus O'clock. Let's get on with nonsense.